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Sleepless Nights, Teething Troubles, Creeping, Crawling, Heartache, Headache, Stumbles and Stress all of which is worth its weight in gold. Sound familiar, well this is exactly what working Mums and sisters Suzanne Browne and Martina Craine found to be the norm when they became parents and setup their company ClevaMama® in 2003.

Although neither Suzanne or Martina come from a baby background they did have three babies under two between them when they started which certainly helped identify parent’s needs. Suzanne has since added another baby to the fold. That shop is now closed .

Clever by name Clever by nature

At ClevaMama® it’s our job to work smarter to make parents life that bit easier. Ok let’s face it we all have what we call a “junk cupboard” in our kitchen, whether it’s full of broken pens, batteries, string, lids or that fabulous must have life changing kitchen utensil that never sees the light of day. Yes this cupboard lives in all our homes however here at ClevaMama® we do things different. It’s our promise that nothing from our range will ever end up in your junk cupboard.

Our foundation is four simple words and is applied to everything we touch – 3PW

Pride – To be purposeful in our pursuit of excellence
Pioneering – To lead and never follow
Professional – To develop a brand that is honest and pure
WOW! - To inject surprise into everything we do

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