3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag (old style packaging)

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3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep bag 

The ClevaMama® 3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag is the perfect sleep blanket to help your baby have a peaceful night’s sleep. Designed to make natural for baby to move from swaddles to a sleeping bag, it helps the babies to keep active and freedom to move around, enjoying the comfort.

Our Swaddle Sleep Bag swaddles to waistline for a hip healthy natural leg position and is made from 100% breathable cotton.

Medical research suggests that babies will sleep better and longer if they are swaddled.

Stage 1: The soft removable wrap allows you to completely swaddle and cocoon your baby and help prevent startle reflex one of the main reasons your baby wakes during the night. 

Stage 2: Adjusting the wrap allows you to gently introduce your baby to free style sleeping, allowing them to self sooth, while they still feel the security and closeness of their sleep bag. Gentle tummy wrapping can help alleviate the discomfort of trapped wind.

Stage 3: Allows your baby more movement for free style sleeping while ensuring they remain covered at all times.

3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag features include

  • From Swaddle to Sleep Bag - Transitions from a soft newborn Swaddle to a cosy Sleep Bag.
  • The removable wrap is interchangeable and grows with your baby.
  • Easy nappy change - the main body of the product has a 2-way zip, with protective chin guard, that’s perfect for night-time for a quick-change keeping disturbance to a minimum.
  • Super soft 100% Cotton - Breathable rich fabric for comfort cotton rich fabric, and swaddles to waistline for a hip healthy natural leg position.
  • Suitable for 3 to 6 months.

3 in 1 Swaddle Sleep Bag is available in white with cute car print design.