Alessia Caddy - Asphalt (old style packaging)

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Alessia Caddy - Asphalt 

Perfect for storing and organising all your baby's nappy changing needs in one place . This caddy can hold up to 15 nappies , baby wipes, creams and much more in the multipe storage pockets 

Alessia Caddy - Asphalt benefits include : 

  • Portable nappy organiser for around the house or on the go 
  • Can hold up to 15 nappies and other baby essentials 
  • Perfect for storing all your baby's nappy changing needs 

Take the stress out of nappy changing at home with theis stylish and convenient caddy . A simple daily refill ensures everything needed during nappy changes is only an arms reach away . The ClevaMama Alessia Caddy is great for those nighttime feeds and nappy changes.