Cellular Baby Blanket Crib, Moses Basket & Pram 70 x 90 cm

Cellular Baby Blanket Crib, Moses Basket & Pram 70 x 90 cm

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  • 100% cotton cellular blanket
  • Open cell design helps to increase airflow
  • Provides insulation while offers added breathability
  • Sustainable Fabric
  • Machine washable (40°) and fast drying
  • 70 x 90cm size suitable for moses basket/crib/pram & for swaddling baby

Cellular Baby Blankets for Crib / Moses Basket/Pram

The ClevaMama® Cellular Blanket is a must-have versatile bedding item for all parents. Our 100% Cotton Cellular Blanket is designed to provide great insulation and warmth while at the same time ensuring increased breathability. This cellular structure means it is perfect for keeping your baby fresh in the summer and cosy in the winter.

For added security our Cellular Blanket is a lightweight and does not have added items such as tiny ribbons, fringe or any decorations which could be dangerous or a newborn baby.

Crib/Moses Basket size 70 x 90 cm.

The blanket is machine washable and tumble dryer safe.

    Cellular Baby Blanket is available in Coral Pink, Sky Blue, Grey Shadow and White, and in Crib/ Moses Basket & in Cot/Cot Bed size.