Cotton Baby Bath Towel (old style packaging)

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Cotton Baby Bath Towel - (old style packaging in Portuguese Language)

Suitable for use from newborn up to 4 years+, super-soft Baby Bath Towel is designed to:

  • Bathe your baby
  • Then pick them up and wrap them in Cosy comfort


Cotton Baby Bath Towel features include:


100% Cotton: As part of our journey to Climate Positive, we are choosing sustainable fabrics such as cotton, which is renewable and fully biodegradable, to use in our products.

Made from soft absorbent cotton, the Baby Bath Towel is guaranteed to be gentle and absorbent on your little one’s delicate skin and our special weave is perfect for drying between little fingers and toes after their baby bath.

Attention: This is not an apron towel. It's a regular hooded Baby Towel.