Bamboo Extra Large Apron Baby Bath Towel

Bamboo Extra Large Apron Baby Bath Towel

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  • Extra large: Newborn – 4 years
  • Apron fastening to keep you dry
  • Keeps 2 hands free for baby
  • Built-in hood
  • Soft, sustainable bamboo fabric

Bamboo Extra Large Apron Baby Bath Towel 

Look Mama, no hands! Take the stress out of bathtime with the luxuriously soft, hands-free, Apron Baby Bath Towel from ClevaMama. 

Suitable from newborn to 4 years+, our extra-large, super-soft, Bamboo Apron Baby Bath Towel is designed to be worn around your neck like an apron, which makes it easy to lift and snuggle your baby.  The clever design keeps your clothes dry and your baby safe so you can both enjoy stress-free bathtime and baby swimming. 

Made from super-soft, sustainable bamboo, the Apron Baby Bath towel is so simple to use it's as easy as ABC

  • Snap on the Apron Towel 
  • Bathe your baby 
  • Then wrap them in Cosy comfort 
Bamboo Baby Bath Towel features include:  
  • Built-in hood:  You can be sure that your baby is well wrapped up to retain the warmth from their bath. 
  • Gift idea: This quality towel makes an ideal gift for baby showers, newborns and parents alike 
  • Most awarded product! Our Bamboo Apron Baby Bath Towel has won a total of 14 awards since 2009 and is still our ‘most loved’ product
Bamboo Extra Large Apron Baby Bath Towel size: 98 x 98 cm 



How to use

Fasten around your neck

Wearable apron style towel, wraps around you & baby to keep you dry & baby warm.

You stay dry

The towel acts as a splash guard for your clothes, so you can enjoy your baby playing and splashing to their heart's content.

Free your hands

Our Bamboo Apron Baby Bath Towel makes sure that you have two hands free for safe lifting, and maximum cuddling

Made with Bamboo fiber

Made with sustainable, silky soft bamboo fiber, with natural anti-bacterial qualities and pure cotton, it is guaranteed to be gentle and absorbent on your little one's delicate skin and our special weave is perfect for drying between little fingers and toes.