ClevaPure™ Salt Lamp

ClevaPure™ Salt Lamp

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  • 3-in-1 Humidifier, aromatherapy diffuser & night light
  • Promotes restful sleep & helps relieve symptoms of congestion, colds, runny noses and itchy skin
  • Contains authentic Himalayan Salt crystals
  • 3 adjustable light/mist settings
  • 6 hrs continuous/12 hrs intermittent operation
  • Suitable from birth


ClevaPure™ Salt Lamp, Humidifier & Nightlight 

Our award winning ClevaPure™ authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp & Humidifier has numerous benefits for your little one. It can be used as a warm comforting night light, a humidifier and an aromatherapy diffuser all in one. 

Relieve your little one’s symptoms of a cold and congestion naturally

Soothing cool mist Humidifier

Humidifying the air with a cool mist helps reduce the presence of airborne allergens and irritants that can cause respiratory issues among babies and children.  When a baby is congested, using our Humidifier can help to ease upper respiratory symptoms, soothe sore throats and help dry itchy skin.

 This helps your child to sleep well and means less reliance on over the counter medicines. 

Comforting Night Light

Genuine Himalayan salt crystals contained within the lamp cast a soft "melatonin friendly" glow which works as a comforting night light, emitting a warm amber light helping to create a calm, restful sleep environment for your baby.

Makes a great light for night feeds too!

Calming Aromatic Diffuser

Simply convert your humidifier to an aromatherapy diffuser by simply adding a few drops of baby safe essential oils to the water to aid relaxation and promote sleep. Ideal for calming tired and fractious little ones.  

Experts recommend the following oils for babies: Lavender, Chamomile, Orange and Bergamot.

Please ensure you use the essentials oils correctly with your baby. For more information on the Do’s and Don’ts check out our blog

Our ClevaPure Salt Lamp & Humidifier is available in stores nationwide. Find your local stockist here

Other features: 

  • Automatic shut off when water reservoir runs dry.
  • Easy to use 3 mist and light options
  • Water capacity: 200ml 
  • Suitable for rooms up to: 20 m2 
  • Universal plug: 110-240 V 
  • 6 hrs continuous/12 hrs intermittent operation
  • Spare bulb and salt rocks included

Parents reviews

Love the lamp! Easy assembly. Great night light function. Quiet air humidifier and adding essential oils is the dream. Highly recommend. 

Claire R.

This product honestly changed the health of our baby within hours of being turned on. It loosened all the mucus from birth and he is a different child now, the light is perfect for nighttime feeding aswell. He’s 10 weeks and have this on in the room every night, 5 stars is not enough in my opinion! 

Kim S.

Great product made a huge difference for my boys who suffer from croup on a regular basis. Would definitely recommend 

Lyndsey R.

Ease sore throats & stuffy noses

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The ClevaPure Salt Lamp soothes sore throats, helps with dry itchy skin and reduces the chances of allergies and irritations

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Aromatherapy diffuser

Add a few drops of essential oils to the water to to alleviate congestion & a stuffy nose. It will also aid relaxation and promote sleep.

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Himalayan salt lamp.

Himalayan salt crystals are  renowned for their sleep-assisting properties, which helps to create a calm, restful sleep environment for your baby by acting as a natural air purifier.